Why Are More Younger Adults Having Gout Disease?

Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Disease

The occurrence of gout disease in the younger population has been going up over the last few years. This is perhaps associated with the higher obese adult count. Obesity is also a factor that increases one’s chance of developing gout. So, it is among the main gout risk factors. Read on to know some more facts about gout.

Which Are The Other Gout Risk Factors?

The other gout-related factors are diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and a diet with a high amount of animal proteins. All of these are related to food intake. What raises the possibility of gout is the level of uric acid in one’s blood. These factors increase its level, which then makes it more likely for one to have gout.

How Many Days Do Gout Attacks Last?

People often ask this question: “How long does gout last?” When they raise the question, they are referring to the duration of gout attacks. These can generally last between 3 and 10 days. The time from one gout attack to another can take some months to even a few years. If not treated in time, a gout patient could have permanent joint and kidney damage.

Does Fasting Or Sudden Weight Loss Help?

You must follow a proper diet in an episode of swelling, pain and/or other issues. Anyhow, dieting does not mean that you should fast or quickly reduce your body weight. This is because fasting and quick weight reduction can raise the acid level, thereby making your gout worse.

In That Case, How Can I Make Gout Attacks Less Severe?

There are ways to do this, like limiting or stopping alcohol consumption to name one. Doing this can make gout attacks less frequent and severe. Beer is a greater gout risk factor than liquor. Meanwhile, wine consumption is less of a risk factor as compared to beer. Anyhow, you should not have any form of alcohol in the event of gout attacks.

A different way is to increase fluid consumption. Sufficient hydration possibly will aid the body in excreting the acidic substance. A diet with a lower amount of fat and higher quantity of complex carbs, can aoso aid in its excretion. It is also potentially useful to limit the consumption of food items that are high in purine. Fluids would be very important in the event you consume gout medication.