Underlying Conditions That Possibly Lead To Toe Popping

Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Disease

The term ‘toe popping’ or ‘toe cracking’ refers to a sound that the toe joints produce as you bend/crack those. It may be a usual and harmless phenomenon, but the sound can sometimes signify a bigger issue. When wondering whether it is usual or a reason to worry, the most important thing is to note if any other issue comes with it. Read on to know which some of those underlying problems that may play a role in it are.

Gouty Arthritis

Painful and inflamed joints popping or hurting can be an indication of many health conditions. In the event your toe inflammation and pain appear to mainly have an effect on the giant toe, then it could signify gout disease. This type of arthritis happens as urate crystals build-up in the human joints, which leads to the kind of irritation that possibly comes and goes. The above-mentioned is among the many possible signs of gout.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Or Osteoarthritis

The sound coming after toe joint popping is perhaps due partly to some sort of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) are likely to bring about bone deterioration, especially in your joints. That noise occurring when your joint moves, likely stems from the rubbing of cartilage against the rough and deteriorating bone.

Bone Spurs

These are small bone projections that occur along an individual’s ridge in which some bones come together in their joint. As with arthritis, that popping sound is likely to happen if the cartilage comes into contact with these bony projections’ rough surface. These projections are likely to bring about pain as the body moves, which may be among the different signs of osteoarthritis.

Previous Toe Injuries

A toe with that cracking situation can worsen a previous injury, such as a broken bone or seriously stubbed toe. You are likely to hear that popping/cracking sound as the toes move, and it is among the possible signs of a fractured toe. That is especially the case in the event of pain or inflammation accompanying the sound. In this fractured situation, you may wish to consult a doctor for possible treatment.

There are some treatment options for fractured toes, beyond taping, applying ice, and leg elevation. Anyhow, the toe issue can sometimes be more complicated, thus requiring a more detailed form of medical intervention.