Try These Home Remedies To Manage Gout Attacks

Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies

Millions of people in the United States are affected by gout. This is a type of arthritis that can affect people of all ages. The main reason for the development of this condition is the increased uric acid levels in the body. When the uric acid crystalizes, it gets accumulated in the joints and cause inflammation, discomfort, and pain in the joints.

Many people prefer natural remedies for the treatment of gout. Here are some of the gout remedies that you can try at your home.


Ginger is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it is commonly consumed by people who are suffering from arthritis. Many studies have proven the ability of ginger in treating gout. According to one study, a topical application of ginger paste helped in reducing pain caused by gout.


This dietary mineral is very essential for your body, especially if you have gout. This is because some scientists believe that the deficiency of magnesium can worsen the chronic inflammatory stress in your body. According to a study conducted in 2015, taking adequate magnesium daily will help in maintaining healthier uric acid levels. This will lower the risk of developing gout significantly.

Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is proven to be very effective for gout treatment. This herbal remedy can give your relief from gout by reducing the inflammation and pain in your joints.


Cherries in their extract form, or as juice, or raw are a very good home remedy for many health problems. In 2012, a study showed that drinking cherry juice can also help in preventing gout attacks.


According to some studies, dandelion extract, teas, and supplements could improve kidney and liver health. They can also help in lowering the uric acid levels in your body. However, there are no studies that looked into its effect on preventing gout attacks.


This popular fruit is also believed to be very effective in gout prevention. It is rich in potassium, which helps in improving the functions of organs and tissues.


This traditional herbal remedy is believed to be very effective in gout treatment. According to a recent animal study, it can help in lowering uric acid levels.


Many natural health sites are recommending apples for people with gout because it contains malic acid, which helps in lowering uric acid levels.