Beverages That Possibly Raise Your Risk Factor For Gout

Gout Pain Relief
Gout Pain Relief
What Causes Gout
What Causes Gout

Many people wonder what causes gout. Scientifically, the only reason for it is hyperuricemia, a condition that results in the body having excessive uric acid. However, when it comes to what increases one’s possibility of developing it, the factors are various. Everything from your gender to lifestyle to diet makes it likelier that you will develop it. Here is a list of beverages that act as heightened risk factors for gout.


Any alcoholic drink could just cause gout symptoms. Kidneys excrete alcohol in place of uric acid, which then raises the level of the latter substance in the bloodstream. This could trigger an attack of gout in a matter of days.

Beer is perhaps the worst kind of alcoholic beverage when it comes to its ability to push the gout risk up. It is so bad in connection with this condition that many people put it and other alcoholic drinks in two separate categories. Beer has many purines, which are substances known to play a part in the accumulation of the acid in the bloodstream.

Orange Juice

Several juices sweetened with sugar possibly make the user more in danger of having gout, and even the naturally-sweetened orange juice is likely to have this effect. As per research, the high fructose content in juices is related to a higher possibility of gout. This sugar is included in soft drinks in high amounts, whereas it develops naturally in the orange derivative. Therefore, it is risky to drink an excessive amount of orange juice.

Soft Drinks

Many pieces of research associate sugar-sweetened beverages with the increased gout possibility for both women and men. A study discovered that having a single sugar-sweetened beverage daily increased a woman’s possibility for gout by twofold in comparison with another woman who consumed much less of it per month. Studies link the sweetened fruit juices and beverages to an increased occurrence of the sudden and severe pain, referred to as ‘gout attacks’. It is interesting that the studies do not show that the ingestion of diet soda is associated with the heightened gout attack possibility.

Energy Drinks

There may be a high amount of sugar in certain energy drinks, so consuming it every day could put you twice at risk of the condition. No piece of research has looked at how energy drinks affect gout, but as most of the products contain fructose, these may increase the gout attack chance.