Is Exercise Important For Gout Patients

Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Disease
Gout Disease

Gout is an inflammatory condition that develops when there are high levels of uric acid in your body. It mainly affects your feet, toes, knees, etc. The main characteristics of this inflammatory condition are swollen and painful joints. The main aim of gout treatment is managing its symptoms because it does not have a cure yet. However, medications cannot single-handedly manage gout disease, you may also have to make some lifestyle changes.

If you are suffering from gout and you do not exercise regularly, then it’s time to change your habit. Many people think that swollen and painful joints may prevent you from moving around and doing exercise is far from possible.

You should know that gout flare-ups only last for a few days and you can go months or years before experiencing another gout attack. You can exercise during these times and improve your bone and joint health so that you can be better prepared when the next gout attack comes.

Benefits Of Exercise When You Have Gout

According to health experts, regular exercise can help in reducing your body pain, improve your overall energy, and improve mobility. Another benefit of daily workouts is that you will lose extra body weight, which will take off the excess stress on your knees. Regular exercise is also helpful in improving your heart health. It will help in lowering the risk factors associated with heart disease very effectively.

Types Of Exercises That You Can Try

Aerobic Exercises

They can be very helpful in boosting your endurance. Experts recommend including aerobic exercise in your routine at least 3-4 times weekly. You can either ride a stationary bicycle or try walking for 30 minutes. Swimming in warm water is also a great option because it is good for stiff joints. When you swim, you can easily move your joints without any wear and tear on your joints.

Flexibility Exercises

The main benefit of these exercises is that they may significantly improve your mobility. when you try to increase your flexibility, it will make it much easier for you to perform other exercises. You can do stretching exercises for 15 minutes a day.

Strengthening Exercises

As the name suggests, these exercises can help in improving your body strength. Your body will become weak when you are inactive because of swollen and painful joints. Lifting weights and resistance exercises are the best way to gain strength.