Consuming Natural Treatment Options For Gouty Arthritis

Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies
Gout Remedies

You may already know that the uric acid crystal build-up in the joint causes a gout flare. So, it is vital to follow a balanced food eating pattern with low amounts of uric acid to reduce the possibility of joint inflammation and pain. Gout remedies can be useful when these issues happen. Read on to know which some of those possible remedies are.

Vitamin C Supplements

Some pieces of evidence indicate that this vitamin may aid in reducing the levels of uric acid. Around 200 individuals consumed either placebos or 500 milligrams of the supplements daily in a recent study. After 60 days, vitamin C supplement users had lesser uric acid quantities, whereas placebo users had no change in these. Despite that study suggesting that the vitamin may work as a gout treatment or prevention option, there is a need for further research to conclude this.

Individuals having kidney issues are advised to consult with their respective doctors before taking these supplements. Vitamin C possibly makes the body absorb more iron from food items, so hemochromatosis patients may not want to consume the supplements. Furthermore, vitamin C has rarely interacted or interfered with drugs such as warfarin. So, it is more important to see a doctor before consuming the supplements and those kinds of drugs together.


These are among the best-known home remedy options for gouty arthritis. The recommended dose per day is around 170 to 450 grams of cherries. People usually eat cherries in the original form of the fruits or after blending and diluting these with water. A few health food shops also carry cherry extracts.

Although there is very little evidence about the effectiveness of cherries as a cure for gout, these are famed as a trusted gout remedy. A small piece of research looked at how using the fruits affect inflammation and the levels of uric acid. Ten women took 280 grams or two servings of Bing-type cherries after fasting for one night, and three hours later, their acid levels dropped considerably. They also had a reduction in inflammation, albeit not considerable enough.

Using Gouty Arthritis Remedies

We may have listed some of its remedies here, but it is not the right time to recommend an alternative treatment option for gout. Why? The reason is understandable; because there has not been enough research to support the utilization of those products. When it comes to dietary changes for gout, meanwhile, there has at least been some scientific evidence that these are effective.