Five Potential Ways To Lessen Uric Acid

Gout Symptoms
Gout Symptoms
How To Prevent Gout
How To Prevent Gout

According to recent news reports, cases of gouty arthritis are increasing all over the world. So, many individuals are wondering how to prevent gout. One of the ways to lower your possibility of developing this health condition is to lessen the uric acid level in the body. For your information, too much uric acid content in the flowing blood is what causes gout. Shared below are five natural means to help regulate the quantity of the acidic substance.

Drink Coffee

Studies show that the chances of gouty arthritis in coffee drinkers are less as compared to those who do not consume the beverage regularly. Gout patients are at a greater risk of developing heart disease. Many pieces of research have associated coffee drinking with a reduced possibility of heart disease.

Consume Cherries

A recent study indicated that consuming cherries lower the chance of a gout attack in individuals who have previously experienced the health issue. Dark-colored berries such as cherries, strawberries and blueberries have anthocyanins, which are flavonoids that help to lower stiffness and inflammation. For your information, inflammation is common in gout patients. Read on to know more foods good for gout.

Consume An Apple Or Apple-Based Product Daily

There is malic acid in apple cider vinegar, and it will help your body to break down and eliminate the gout-inducing acid from it. Add a teaspoon of the vinegar to one glass of water so that you can consume this concoction each day. Raw apples too have malic acid. Therefore, even if you do not have the vinegar, you may be able to ward off gout just by having an apple per day.

Have Lime Juice

Do this at least two times per day to remove the excess amount of the acidic waste product from the internal organs of the body. Lime is an excellent source of citric acid, a product that helps to dissolve uric acid. Consuming fruits with an abundance of vitamin C might help too.

Add High Fiber Food Items To Your Diet

The University of Maryland’s recent piece of research indicates that consuming more food items high in fiber, such as bananas, grains, and oats, helps to regulate the uric acid level in the circulating blood. Dietary fiber is capable of absorbing too much uric acid, plus it can help to eliminate the waste product from the human body.